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20 NOV 2016

Sandy Liang NYFW 2016

Behind the Scenes

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Photography: Davon Chandler

Look Book Shoot

Sandy Liang Look Book Sandy Liang Look Book Sandy Liang Look Book Sandy Liang Look Book Sandy Liang Look Book Sandy Liang Look Book Sandy Liang Look Book Sandy Liang Look Book Sandy Liang Look Book

Designer Sandy Liang
Photographer Kathy Lo
Styling Coquito Cassibba
Make up Ayaka Nihei
Hair Janelle Chaplin
Hair Assistant Matt Bens
Meet our O&M education team, earlier this year from all parts of the globe the O&M #squad got together for a jam session, they guys teamed up in pairs and produced these great images.

Huge thanks to the team and @originalmineral 

Cilluf Winkvist + Jordan Blair

@jordankendallblair   @cillufwinkvist

Nicole Miller  + Olivia grey

@nicole_miller83  @oliviagray_purehair

Angelo Torres + Ken Novak

@therealangelotorres  @kreatestudio

Jennifer Andrews + Becky Gregory

@HarmonyEcoSpa  @rebeccagregory1

Photographer: Davon Chandler


Original&Mineral EducatorsOriginal&Mineral EducatorsOriginal&Mineral EducatorsOriginal&Mineral EducatorsOriginal&Mineral Educators Original&Mineral Educatorsom-editorial-6-28-15-imports_-556Original&Mineral Educatorsom-editorial-6-28-15-imports_-123Original&Mineral Educators  om-editorial-6-28-15-imports_-232Original&Mineral Educators Original&Mineral Educatorsom-editorial-6-28-15-imports_-160Original&Mineral Educatorsom-editorial-6-28-15-imports_-314 om-editorial-6-28-15-imports_-268 om-editorial-6-28-15-imports_-256om-editorial-6-28-15-imports_-427om-editorial-6-28-15-imports_-386 om-editorial-6-28-15-imports_-363Original&Mineral EducatorsOriginal&Mineral Educators Original&Mineral EducatorsOriginal&Mineral Educatorsom-editorial-6-28-15-imports_-776om-editorial-6-28-15-imports_-489

17 OCT 2016


natural-luxe-jose-quote2 naturalluxe_poster01


Original&Mineral Natural:Luxe


The brunette was coloured with Mineral CCT [6/0 and 5/75  with 2:1 5 Vol or 1.5%]

Her hair was prepared with O&M Know Knott and smoothed out with the O&M round brush.

Zoe was then rope tonged all over and dusted with layers of O&M Surf Bomb and Water using the O&M Mist spray to bring back her natural waves.

Original&Mineral Natural:Luxe


The Blonde was painted with O&M Paint Powder then reflect was added with  10g 9/6 + 10g 9/54 + 40g Clear + 2.2%

Her style was prepared with O&M Rootalicious and a large tong was used to create a soft texture. Then dusted with O&M Surf Bomb and O&M Frizzy Logic to add definition.

Original & Mineral Natural:Luxe

12 OCT 2016

Volume or Smooth?

Original & Mineral Smooth or Volume Mini Minerals

Are you constantly fighting your fine hair?  You style it up, and it falls down. You finally get it big and bouncy, and the minute you walk outside it’s flat. The problem isn’t the weather – it’s your shampoo! O&M Mini Volume Minerals, which features our lightweight Fine Intellect Shampoo & Conditioner, is everything you need for fuller looking locks. The natural rice protein adds thickness to the hair fibers while the keratin helps restore and reconstruct all while you shower.

Original & Mineral Mini Minerals Volume

Have you nicknamed your tresses the Sahara desert? You buy products to keep your hair from breaking. You buy products to add shine. You buy products to add moisture. It’s about time you buy something that does it all! The O&M Mini Smooth Minerals is designed to target all your dry and damaged hair issues with our featured Hydrate and Conquer Shampoo & Conditioner. Native macadamia oil and earthy Irish moss help hydrate and moisturize all at the same time while a unique concentration of Australian sea kelp repairs the hair with its natural amino acids.

Original & Mineral Mini Minerals Smooth

Each package is complete with our O&M Seven Day Miracle moisturizing mask that features O&M signature oil blend, organic coconut, macadamia and jojoba oil. O&M The Power Base protein mask with hydrolyzed wheat proteins to help strengthen fragile hair from the inside out.