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Hues Salon - Richmond

A big congratulations to Founder & Owner Jamie Hughes on his stunning new salon, Hues Hair designed by Melbourne based Architect Adriana Hanna.

05 JUL 2016

How Low Can you go


The Half Braid Step by Step

1. Blow dry hair smooth with O&M Project Sukurio, using a large round bristle brush.
2. Once dry, smooth hair into a low pony tail at the nape, Use a classic smoothing brush to ensure the hair is nice and neat.
3. Measure where half the pony tail is by folding the end back to the start of the ponytail, and complete a 3-strand plat to the half way mark of the ponytail. Use O&M Style Guru to keep plat super tight.
4. Use a straightening iron on the remaining half of the ponytail and apply a light coating of O&M Frizzy Logic over the whole look to finish with a slight sheen.

O&M_HalfBraid_04O&M_HalfBraid_02O&M_HalfBraid_03  O&M_HalfBraid_05 O&M_HalfBraid_06


The Nape Bun Step by Step

1. Blast in O&M Atonic with your blow dryer to create a soft texture.
2. Brush hair into a low ponytail at the nape.
3. Spray the pony tail with O&M Original Queenie and loosely plat with a 3-strand all the way to the end.
4. Twist the plated Ponytail back on its self and secure with a grip.
5. Finish with another spray of O&M Original Queenie to secure and hold your nape bun.

Original & Mineral - Nape Bun

04 JUL 2016

Project Sukuroi

Gold oil is the liquid star within this formula that raises the bar and sets a whole new styling standard. Delivering a smooth glossy and featherlike softness to the hair that your sure to love.

Inspired by Kintsukurio, a Japanese word describing the art of repairing broken pottery with gold or silver lacquer. Project Sukuroi is the art of smoothing and repair hair with O&M’s stargold balm.

Project Sukuroi will help reconstruct even the most damaged hair, it has a unique smoothness that will make hair feel like it’s virgin state”
— Jose Bryce Smith CEO of Original & Mineral

Original Mineral Project Sukuroi

5 minutes with Susie Dimov from Kundalini Hair.

How long have you been in the hairdressing industry and where did you start your career?
I started my career in Canberra and have been hairdressing for 27 years.

Tell us about your salon.
I love my salon and my team. We wanted to create a place where people could come and relax while introducing a new level of service to the Canberra public. We believe we’ve achieved this – the feedback from clients is overwhelmingly wonderful. Patrons return again and again because they know they’ll receive a consistent, international standard from our talented and dedicated team.

With everyone being so busy these days, so pushed for time, we wanted the clients experience with us to be as relaxed as a possible. We created a basin room which is our “quiet space” – a space where staff and clients don’t talk and clients can lie back, relax and take a deep breath to meditate. I’ve tried to recreate the salon experience that I would expect if I was a client.

What is your vision behind styling and cutting?
I always offer clients my interpretation of what’s currently fashionable and what’s going to suit them rather than going with a trend and sticking it on everyone (that drives me crazy).

What is your favourite O&M product from the range?
I love Rootalicious! When I’m looking for volume and bounce it’s always at the top of my list.

What’s the best thing about your job?
I love the diversity of my job. I feel blessed that I get to work in so many different areas of hairdressing and my business and spend most weeks doing a combination of mentoring the staff, working with clients, marketing, researching new brands and the list goes on. I’ve just started K-Store which is a gift store within the salon – so I’m always looking for new and exciting brands to bring to Canberra. Life is good!

At Kundalini we were finalists for Best New Salon in 2006 and in the early days when I had Next hair I won the prestigious Hair expo marketing of the year award in 1998 and I was also a finalist in the Telstra business awards.

13 MAR 2014


We’ve arrived.

It’s official. We’re excited to announce that O&M’s haircare, styling and colour ranges are now available in the European market.

From The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway to Selfridges in the UK, our team was busy in January and February introducing O&M to the beauty media, session stylists and top salons. Here are some highlights from our journey.

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