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Every day is International Women’s Day (IWD) here at Original Mineral! One of our core values is to support and celebrate our team of hard-working, driven, incredible women in winning and smashing their goals out of the park! We’re also super passionate about supporting those in our extended tribe and industry to achieve their own goals and dreams.

As part of IWD, which is on the 8th of March 2020, I sat down to chat with Jose Bryce Smith, our fearless leader, CEO and entrepreneur, to get her take on building a successful global business. This three part blog series will share her tips and tricks on setting and achieving goals, the importance of reflection and how to overcome adversity to help you in your own journey!

Let's get down to business

Jose is a business savvy girl boss with a heart of gold and an endless passion and drive to see her vision, “haircare as a health choice” make a positive impact in the hearts and lives of our community.

So where does it all start? Her tip? “Always back yourself". Your business success starts with you. You have to be absolutely clear about what you want to achieve and what success looks like. Then, get even clearer on knowing your competitors to find a gap in the market. Once you see this you can then work out how your brand can fill it.

Here’s the clincher, “it’s really important to find people who are equally passionate about your vision but have different skills to your own.” Her constant mantra,

“You can do anything, but you can’t do everything. Champion your own skill set and find people who compliment these.”

Once you’ve built your tribe, make sure you confide in and connect with them regularly. This helps you push through trying times when the road inevitably becomes rocky! Be prepared for hurdles and speed bumps along the way and when they crop up, think BIGGER! Jose’s advice on overcoming the trying times… “when you think about it, you’ll see that there are opportunities everywhere. And you start to see the world in a different way. With a strong tribe standing alongside you, making the most of these opportunities doesn’t seem so scary”.

Her next business building tip. Social media is brilliant at connecting you to the people, tools, and knowledge that can help build your business. Use it! Anyone with an Instagram account has the opportunity to connect to resources but also grow a global business, you just need to get creative, use the tools and learnings of others out there to help drive your passion.

From honing her vision, to developing her tight knit team, Jose has invested hard work, grit, and determination into the Original Mineral business. I asked her what advice she would give her younger self knowing what she now knows. In her own words, three things…

1. You’re amazing.

2. The things that are happening in your life are here to teach you something. Listen carefully. These experiences will help make you more successful.

3. You can do anything you set your mind to.

Now’s the time to get out there and shape the life and business you want to. No dream is too big. If you’re already thinking big, think bigger then go get it! Check back in on our next IWD blog which talks about setting goals and the importance of reflection. Happy IWD for Sunday! We look forward to watching your business go from strength to strength!


Written by Madeleine Steele, team Original Mineral  

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