In 2007 Jose Bryce Smith founded Original & Mineral with the intention to do good in the world of haircare and by virtue, do good in the world at large.

As someone who has always been passionate about natural products, wellbeing and beauty, Jose decided to take matters into her own hands when she saw first-hand in her own hair salon how harsh chemical products were harming hairdressers and their clients. She believed there had to be another way, a better, cleaner way - and that’s how O&M was born.

Looking back, it was truly a ground-breaking idea. Jose pioneered a unique formulation of her own and created the first ammonia-free hair salon in Australia. Since 2007, the O&M has been ever-evolving, with an ear to the ground listening to what salon owners really want and delivering with heart. Fast forward to today, the current O&M lines include CØR.color clean permanent colour, non-permanent gloss colours, vegan powder lighteners, restorative treatments, a dynamic wetline and a powerhouse styling range.

Almost 20 years later, Jose believes “we’re just getting started…”

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