The biggest misconception is that dry shampoo should be used only when hair is dirty.

Wrong! Move over Jessica, meet your new best friend. 

Here are our top 9 (because 10 is to cliché) tips and reasons to start using Dry Shampoo today;

  1. Dry shampoo can lengthen the time between washes. Fewer washes = less heat use from blow-dryers and styling irons + less risk of follicle dry out by over washing. The best equation we ever did see.
  2. Our Desert Dry texturizing spray smells amazing and contains the magic ingredient Lilly Pilly, a native Australian plant extract ingredient very high in vitamin C that acts as a natural collagen, plumping the hair. This formula helps to build texture, volume and lift. Desert Dry helps to absorb oil and give body and soul to your locks. What’s not to love?
  3. Dry Queen, our original dry shampoo, also contains Lilly Pilly, along with Oryza Sativa (Rice) Starch. It provides an immediate cleanse, removes odours and adds volume. Simple, yet highly effective.
  4. Use in short bursts, 30cm’s away from your roots and scalp to avoid overloading your hair and creating that powdery, weighed down look.
  5. If, after spraying, you notice too much build-up, then use your fingertips to massage the product into your scalp and down towards the ends. Use a brush or comb if preferred.
  6. Here’s a secret: use dry shampoo before you go to sleep if you are not planning to shampoo your hair when you wake up. The spray will absorb the oil in the hair as you sleep and then in the morning you may just need to do a few touch-ups before styling. Nighttime is when the real magic happens.
  7. Dry Shampoo is a perfect handbag companion. Get stuck in a non-air conditioned carriage on the way to work? No problem. Humid day in Sydney? No worries! Woke up with 10 minutes to spare? A few quick spritzes will revamp and give your hair the wake up call it needs.
  8. Don’t forget to shake your bottle of dry shampoo before use to ensure the even distribution of all the wizardry inside.
  9. After styling, let the dry shampoo sit on your hair for a minute or two, to allow for optimum results


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