What inspired you to start O&M? Have you always opted for natural skincare and beauty products? 

Growing up my mum was always obsessed with natural and organic. She never used chemicals, so when I was working in London I went to a salon that had ammonia-free hair colour. When I came back to Sydney to open a hair salon with my partner, we wanted to make an ammonia-free colour for our staff and clients. We felt that there must be long-term health effects of breathing in and putting something on your skin so toxic and high chemical as hair colour was back then.

What would you say has been the biggest career highlight for you to date?

Launching CØR.color, it’s our third generation of ammonia, PPD and resorcinol-free hair colour and the performance of the product and the way it has been received in the market has been amazing, our sales of colour trebled in the first eight months.

What other aspects of your lifestyle reflects an all-natural approach?

I have always eaten organic. Back in the days when there was one tiny health food store in Sydney I shopped there and at the grower’s market. I follow a wholefoods style diet, I don’t eat anything processed or with artificial ingredients and I shop at smaller suppliers. I love Broth Bar and Larder in Bronte—that’s my go-to. Soula the owner is an expert in non-toxic living and makes incredible broths and soups. I also use eco store non-toxic cleaning products that have a similar philosophy to O&M and still work. Health is my number one priority and I rarely get sick.

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