Dear O&M,

Thank you for being the love of my life, thank you for being my rock for over a decade and allowing me to follow my dreams. Its amazing to see how much you have changed, grown, born of a seed that was planted based on a belief that hair colour was going to become a health choice and there had to be a better way. You allowed me to dream big, break the rules and believe anything is possible.

Our shared love of life and wanting to do good gave me purpose and safety when the world got rocky. You gave me a voice and taught me to stand up for myself and not give up. You allowed me to connect with my tribe, hairdressers, make so many new friends and reach places and people I’d never dreamed of. Our mission seemed simple at the start and whilst the road was not straight and was full of complications and learnings, we always saw life through the eyes of love, our mission was to be the best we could be. I learnt so much from you on the journey, I am eternally grateful and I have always loved you. I believed that people would love you like I do and now it makes me so happy to see how that people understand your core, you want to do good in the world.

Thank you for making my life so special and for allowing me to travel and see so many countries and provide for my cherubs, my children and to be on the journey with so many incredible souls. I feel blessed to have spent my life with you, I never imagined when you were born in the back room of a hair salon that you would be my love, my future. I will be forever grateful that we never gave up on each other.

It just the beginning for us.

Love Jose

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