O&M Shampoo Bars

Introducing.....the two newest members of the O&M family, our SHAMPOO BARS

Clean hair that thinks outside the bottle!

A shampoo in the shape of a bar? YES! We have created these 2 bars for absolutely every hair type and if you have not tried one, we suggest you start here. They foam up exactly like a shampoo, they cleanse the hair like a shampoo just without ditched the plastic and fuss. Both bars will leave your hair feeling clean and nourished  When it comes to clean hair O&M have definitely raised the bar! 

Tip: 1. To extend the life of your bar, leave it to dry on a shower shelf or soap tray after each use. 2. Can be used on your body too for super smooth skin

A few reasons why we love them....

VEGAN - 100% Natural Formula 

Sustainable - Australian Made 

Curved edges – 70g bars

For all hair types – COLOUR SAFE 

pH balanced for use on SCALP, HAIR AND BODY

CLEAN from synthetic fragrances,

ZERO sulphates, parabens & PEG’s

Ditch the plastic - RAISE THE BAR.

I think its safe to say when it comes to clean hair here at O&M we have it in the bag....or BAR!!!

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