One mantra which the O&M family live by, is that we never underestimate the power of a hair masque.

Masques are a super concentrated, deep conditioning treatment, which, when left in for an extended period, aid in healing damaged hair. Masques are a way to treat yourself and nourish your hair without the price-tag and are great to use as a fill in treatment before salon visits, or regularly, in-between washes. As with most things, the more consistent you are with using a masque, the more noticeable the results. We like to call them our hair saviours.

A lot of people assume that they can get the same results from using a great conditioner. Wrong. A conditioner tames the hair and helps to protect it from environmental factors such as pollution, dust and changes in humidity. It improves the condition of the hair, but only at surface level, whereas a hair masque does all of the above, but also penetrates the hair follicle, infusing it with nourishment. If you can incorporate using a masque once, or twice a week, you will be pleasantly surprised at the healthier, stronger and more youthful looking hair which ensues (YAY!). 

The Top 3 reasons for masque use are;

1. Lack of Moisture

The reason: There isn’t just one reason why your hair could be lacking in the moisture department. It’s no surprise that the use of heated styling tools are damaging. They remove the natural moisture in the hair, so its texture changes and often leaves us with that frizzy, unkempt look (we’ve all been there). Then there’s this curveball, what about going out in the sun and wind? Just like our skin, our hair is susceptible to the weather and harmful UV rays. Excessive exposure to these dry out the hair and negatively alter the way that the follicles can hold on to moisture, leaving us with those dreaded dry and brittle strands.

The Hair Saviour: Our Seven Day Miracle Masque

The How and Why: The Seven Day Miracle formula is infused with deliciously natural ingredients designed to nourish dry hair damaged by colouring or heat. The formula contains Shea Butter to soften and hydrate, Quandong, which is high in Vitamin C and fatty acids to support the hairs’ strength structure. We have also incorporated our O&M Signature blend, which is a natural blend of organic coconut and organic macadamia oils that help to recondition and protect the hair.

After shampooing, rinse and apply Seven Day Miracle for a minimum of 2 - 10 minutes for a more intense masque. Rinse and style.


2. Tonal Imbalances

The reason: There are two primary factors which contribute to brassiness in natural or dyed blonde and silver hair, but, like everything, it’s not simple and we could be here for days. Number one; blonde and silver hair is extremely porous, so anything which is put on it is soaked up, whether that is pollution, heat, hair products or chlorine. These ultimately damage the hair, increasing fragility and creating a dull, limp and flat one tonal appearance. Number two is a simple one; when you lighten your hair, toner is used to lift the colour to the desired hue, but when the toner fades, the warm tones are left noticeably exposed.

The Hair Saviour: Our Conquer Blonde Masque

The How and the Why: Our gentle violet pigments reduce brassiness and help to reveal and maintain bright, bold, glossy shades of blonde and silver. Our luxurious mix of rich, natural ingredients envelope each strand assisting in repairing their brittleness and revealing glossy colours. This violet masque can also be used to banish brassiness in brunettes too – blondes don’t get to have all the fun!

After shampooing, remove excess water and apply Conquer Blonde Silver Masque into the scalp and ends. Leave in for 2 - 5 minutes, then rinse. An alternative way to use, is to comb it through dry hair, leave for 2-5 minutes then wash off. This method enables precise application to those pesky areas.

3. Lack of Strength

The Reason: Tresses that need a protein hit are prone to breakage. You can tell if this is you, if your strands lack elasticity and feel limp and weak and once these strands start breaking, they reveal a porous gap where your hair becomes even more vulnerable to external factors. Just like in the body, protein in the hair promotes regrowth and regeneration.

The Hair Saviour: Our Power Base Masque

The How and the Why: This masque is rich in protein and assists in binding broken hair strands, resulting in fuller and more lustrous locks. Most suited for fine, coloured hair, its Vitamin E, Rice Protein, Shea Butter and Apricot Kernel Oil work together to combat frizz, install strength and durability and improve feel.

After shampooing, remove excess water and apply The Power Base for 2-10 minutes. Rinse and style.

Now all that said, don’t just put on a masque and be done with it, figure out exactly what masque medicine your hair needs and why. Make the switches to give your hair a fighting chance; wear a hat in the sun and wind, use heat protectant before styling, be gentle when using brushes and combs. If you really think about it, basic hair care is common sense.

We know at this point in 2020, your hair is probably not a top priority, but do make sure to find time to indulge in personal self-care, as feeling confident whilst rocking boss-ass hair, really does make the world of difference to how you feel.

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