The importance of goal setting and reflection

We hope you all had a wonderful day celebrating International Women’s Day yesterday. Following on from our first International Women’s Day blog post, Tips to building your business, today's post digs a little deeper into how Jose set Original Mineral’s business goals and how she regularly checks in and reflects on how her and the O&M tribe are tracking toward achieving these.

Before we jumped in, I really wanted to know what motivated and drove Jose’s vision. So we took a trip down memory lane and I asked her to tell me who inspired her the most.

“My Dad. I lost Dad to cancer when I was 17. If you look at entrepreneurs and successful people, a lot of them encountered a significant event in their childhood that played a pivotal role in driving them to make the most of life. My Dad always told me ‘life is a gift don’t waste it’ which I hold dear. I really believe this mentality is what challenges me to be the best person I can be, do the best I can and make sure I’m doing something good for our planet. O&M is my reflection of that.”

Setting and tracking your business goals helps to create and maintain forward momentum in executing your business vision. There are some brilliant goal setting framework’s available. A common and effective method is the memorable, SMART method. SMART helps your create Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Bound goals. Check out the brilliant TED Talk Why the secret to success is setting the right goals by John Doerr too. John presents Andy Grove’s Objectives and Key Results goal setting framework which is all about excellent execution to match your overall business purpose. 

O&M three key goals

Below are the three key goals our O&M team work towards. They help us weigh-in on and manage changing priorities and validate new ideas before progressing them.

  1. Remain at the forefront of clean colour technology and hair care.
    Our team are continuously working to develop and improve O&M’s next generation of low chemical, high performing hair colour technology to improve the impact our industry has on our planet.
  2. Develop a community where people are our passion.
    Jose comments, “Here at O&M our people and our culture are really important to me. I want to build the success of O&M’s team, business partners and our tribe of hairdressers! I also want to support the people that use O&M around the world to live happier, healthier lives."
  3. Give back.
    This third goal is really about making a positive impact in our communities, which goes back to Jose’s motivation from her Dad. “Health has always been core to the O&M brand. Supporting charities who have this same purpose plays a big part in helping us achieve this goal. Our O&M team have been in conversation with some incredibly inspiring charities. Watch this space for upcoming projects!”.

It’s important to reflect and analyse your business goals regularly. This helps keep your business focused on your vision, and challenges it to continuously grow. Don’t be afraid of getting it wrong! Welcome your mistakes as a lesson.

Overall, as you start to set up your business goals, Jose stresses the importance of remaining true to yourself. "Use your own integrity and moral compass to guide you in anything you set out to do in life. Know that you’re doing your best and be comfortable with that. Know that you’re enough.” Jose reflects on her biggest life lesson; learning to love who she is and not try to be anyone else!

“If you’re good with you, then it doesn’t really matter what life throws your way because you’re not attached to other people’s view of yourself. Rather you tackle challenges head on, radiating the best version of you without letting other people’s opinions bring you down.”

Once you have mastered your vision and goals, the world is well and truly your oyster. Focus on your dreams and watch them blossom. From all of us here at the Original Mineral tribe, remember “You’re doing amazing, keep going!”

Our third and final International Women’s Day (IWD) blog is coming soon! After chatting through building a successful business and the importance of goal setting, it seems only fitting to talk about riding out the highs and lows of your business journey. Chat soon!


Written by Madeleine Steele, team Original Mineral  

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